For our production, we exclusively use environmentally friendly materials such as natural, organic, recycled or regenerated. Therefore, we do not burden our planet with further fast-fashion production from unsustainable materials. On the contrary, we are constantly looking for new innovative materials that, via recycling, give life to textiles or plastics that would otherwise often end up in landfills or at the bottom of the ocean.

In many of our fabrics you can find ECONYL® which is 100% regenerated nylon fibre from pre and post-consumer waste such as fishing nets and other nylon waste.

We also use Q-NOVA® by Fulgar® which is a nylon fibre obtained from environmentally friendly raw materials and responds to specific traceability requirements. Q-NOVA® by Fulgar® is made from waste materials coming from the company's production cycle.

From organic materials, we use certified organic cotton meeting all the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) criteria from the standard organic to the ethical ones. Furthermore, you will also find products made from natural lyocell fibres of the new TENCEL® generation, which are characterized not only by their quality and breathability, but are also made from sustainable raw materials using processes friendly to our planet. Lyocell is formed by dissolving pulp in biological solvents and subsequent centrifugation. The process is very fast and much more ecological than the production of viscose. And we do not forget about threads - even these are made of a 100 % recycled polyester or, from a durable organic cotton.

Material Suede:

Suede is a comfortable, delicate and perfectly fitting suede material containing ECONYL® - regenerated nylon made from waste such as fishing nets and others. The elastic fabric with an UV-protection is very pleasant to touch and you'll appreciate it even on colder days. Sustainable fashion made of Suede material is suitable for normal leisure activities or relaxation and effectively adapts to any body shape.

Material Power:

Power is a perfectly fitting and shiny material made of recycled nylon ECONYL® - regenerated nylon made from waste such as fishing nets and others. Power fabric is good for intense sports activities, for running or for fitness, it adapts perfectly to the body shape and even with frequent use you do not have to worry about unsightly lumps. With Power, you will not only have a reliable UV protection, but also complete comfort during your training. 

Material Style:

Style is a breathable and lightweight material made of recycled Q-NOVA nylon from Fulgar®. Fishing nets and other used textile or plastic waste are used for its production. The Style material guarantees 100 % comfort for sports and leisure activities, whether it's shopping, walking or working from home, and thanks to its elasticity, it perfectly adapts to the body shape. In addition, the sustainable fashion from the Style fabric is soft and pleasant to touch.

Material Comfy:

Comfy is a very fine, smooth and breathable material made of recycled ECONYL® - regenerated nylon made from waste such as fishing nets and others. Thanks to its excellent breathability and adaptability during motion, the Comfy material is suitable for leisure activities (shopping, working from home, walking, etc.) as well as for your favourite sport.

Materials Comparison: 

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